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High Tech Electronic Driving Controls for Drivers with Disabilities



What are High Tech Driving Controls?

There are varying definitions of high tech driving controls.  Often, reduced effort or no effort steering and/or braking is included in the definition.  For a technical definition of the types of vehicle modifications that fall under the high tech category, please refer to the NMEDA Guidelines.  What I'm going to focus on is the class of vehicle modifications whereby the vehicle's primary driving controls, gas, brake, and/or steering, is controlled by a servo type motor system, i.e. high tech electronic driving control systems. 






Why do Disabled Drivers Need a High Tech Electronic Driving Control System?

At one point in the past, high tech driving control systems tended to be over-prescribed.  At least that's how it is seen in hindsight.  There were legitimate reasons why this occurred that I won't go into.  You should know that there are serious disadvantages to using a high tech electronic driving control system:

So you shouldn't go down the road of high tech unless you absolutely need it.  The initial starting point would be to have a driving evaluation by a qualified certified driver rehabilitation specialist.  In fact you most likely will require several driving evaluations.  I would recommend that you first rule out all other primary control driving options such as standard hand controls.  This includes reduced and no effort braking and/or steering.  However, if you do require a high tech riving control system then you'll need to be evaluated by a CDRS who has the evaluation vehicle and is qualified in the system being prescribed.

Essentially, if a person cannot operate the vehicle using linkage type hand controls, even with the assistance of reduced or no effort brake/steering, the only potential option left is a high tech driving system.  It usually is a matter of strength but not necessarily.  A high tech electronic driving control system may be prescribed because the disabled driver lacks the range of motion to operate hand controls.  With the right high tech electronic driving control system, the disabled driver will use a system that requires the lowest effort and least range of motion.              

Types of High Tech Electronic Driving Control Systems

EMC AEVIT high tech electronic driving control system http://www.emc-digi.com/

Ace Mobility http://www.acemobility.us/

IDS http://www.independentdrivingsystems.com/products.html  

DSI http://www.drivingsystems.com/   

Kempf http://www.kempf-usa.com/indexNew.html



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