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Frequently Asked Questions About Accessible Wheelchair Vans, Cars, and Vehicles for the Physically Disabled, Paraplegics, and Quadriplegics





  1. I'm having a problem with my drop floor minivan, should I take it to the mobility dealer or just a regular OEM repair shop?  You should always call your mobility dealer first whenever you are having a problem with your drop floor minivan.  IF the mobility dealers finds the conversion is the problem then they will complete the repair and coordinate any minivan work with an authorized OEM repair facility.  IF the mobility dealer rules out anything with the conversion that is causing the problem, they can recommend an OEM repair facility that they have a relationship with who can fix the car problem and not blame the conversion.  You can of course still use whichever OEM repair ship you are comfortable with if the problem is not related to the conversion. 
  2. I have a Bruno wheelchair lift installed in my Honda minivan. My question is "what is the best way to secure and/or tiedown the wheelchair once it is lifted and positioned in the van?" Although I lock the chair wheels, it still moves around at times.  You want to keep a little tension on the lifting strap.  Not enough to lift the chair up but it shouldn't be slack either.  You should also continue to set your chair's brakes.  For cargo area lifts, the modifier can install an additional automotive type belt in the cargo area.  When tightened (typically the chair will be sideways in the rear cargo area and the belt should come up and over the seat), that's enough to keep the chair from moving.  I suppose any type of straps would work if properly installed but have always seen an automotive type belt used.     
  3. Can I drive from my wheelchair?  Yes.  I cover reasons not to drive or ride from your wheelchair on another page of the website.  But assuming this is the best option for you, then I also cover how to make sure your wheelchair is safe to ride or drive from on another page.   In addition, you'll need to make sure your vehicle has enough headroom and you are at the right eye height for safe driving.  You will definitely want to make sure you are using a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.  When it comes time to modify your vehicle, the CDRS will attend fittings with you at the vehicle modifier to ensure you are properly located in the van to safely drive and operate your vehicle adaptive equipment.  



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